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counting at war ([personal profile] kerpingtack) wrote2014-10-13 10:44 am
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I know this is weird, but I've never felt closer to Jonghyun than seeing his sad, vague tweet about humane vs. destructive tendencies and how he's not sure of the true meaning of humanity*, followed by a spam of cute animal pictures. EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE, AND CUTE ANIMALS ARE OUR ONLY RESPITE ; __ ; Even though that only lasts like five minutes because then you think ALL THESE ANIMALS ARE GOING TO DIE, OR ARE ALREADY DEAD, BECAUSE HUMANITY IS A NIGHTMARE and everything in our world is built on unimaginable suffering. Unimaginable because it's invisible and inaccessible under this veneer of civility!!!!

I'm just going to copy+paste my tweets:

my korean has deteriorated but i think jjong is depressed about humanity and then spammed cute animal pictures both as a way to cheer himself up and to make himself sadder about humanity bc it will inevitably destroy any purity in the world. #PROJECTING

the caption for the last pic, of the otters, was "end of peace." animal spam is the only restful thing in the world ;;;;;;;;;;

but then you go drive around or look online, or eat anything, and there's a dead cat at the side of the road and everything is a product of immense violence and brutality. hahahaahahahahahahahahahaaaa

anyway. jonghyun is my favorite person in the world

*I think this was the gist of it? My Korean is really so bad. WHATEVER. It's my bias and I'll project if I want to. You would project too if it happened to you~!

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