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counting at war ([personal profile] kerpingtack) wrote2015-04-11 09:02 pm

i would have lasted two seconds in the court of the sun king

Voici, the story of my day:

I was intending to go to a Liberty in North Korea presentation on campus at 3pm. So before I had to leave, I got dressed and tried to get some reading done (read: watch TV with my book on my lap). But Melon wanted to sleep on top of my legs, and at 2:45pm she was still there and she was sooo warm and she looked sooooo comfortable ; ___ ; So I decided not to get up and to go to the 6:30pm presentation. Melon stayed for like a full 2.5 hours before getting up, and it continued to be sooo warm and comfortable. No regrets.

Though, I did find out there must've been a typo on the website bc there was no such venue at 6:30pm. I had already gotten Fully Dressed, so I thought about going out to get coffee or something. In the end, after almost seven hours, I just changed all the way back to pajamas, made a list of lipsticks I want to buy, and rewatched a bunch of New Girl episodes. ~Suffice to say~, paper has not been started yet.

Also, bc I started the entry with a variant of the phrase, I've had Taylor Swift's Story of Us in my head the whole time I was typing this.

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