kerpingtack: yotsuba eating (nyams and noms)
counting at war ([personal profile] kerpingtack) wrote2016-10-17 04:29 pm

by the silvery light

I logged onto lj - like ACTUAL LJ, not dreamwidth-mirror-posting-onto lj - for the first time in maybe YEARS??? Glanced through my messages and was bumrushed by feelings.

Maybe it's because I've had more cups of coffee than I've had hours of sleep, plus I'm cold and getting sick and one of my contacts is stabbing a circle into my eyeball, but I am like really really emotional about this lol. "This" = commenting, making friends you've never met, ~reaching out~. People!! Wanting to connect!! It's instinct! ; ___ ;

I read the phrase "isolation that results from internalizing [their] feelings" and it knocked me back a bit. I have never thought about it that way. (Or maybe I have thought of it and immediately forgot??) And of course it makes sense. Keeping shit inside to make yourself a contained unit also keeps you from contact with others.

holy shit it is cold in here

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