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Mom (about Bible study): Knowing is not enough.
Me: So it has to be... annoying, too.


Aug. 17th, 2006 08:42 pm
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These past two days have been a whirlwind of... stuff. Okay not really. It's just like a farce. There are several reasons for this:
a) Julian talks
b) a lot
c) sometimes we look at him when he talks and we have to SEE him
d) with his pixie haircut with bangs and pointed sideburns
e) and Alyssa's old shirt with a picture of two kitties and the caption CATTITUDE that she wore in third grade and is very much designed for a girl
- somehow this shirt is funnier than the Pokemon shirt that likes to wear, the pink girls' one with the capped sleeves and Pikachu bouncing in the middle

"Come ahhhhhnn and look or I won't give you a special surprise~~" (tone gradually escalates until sentence becomes high buzzing squeak)
"We're not buddies, we're radicals!"
"Hey robber, let's use a laser beam fight."
*holding a man in front of a car* "Now don't move..."
*writhing on the floor, clutching my chair* "I'm... your buddy... but I cannot... move one of my... legs."

Also, my mom bought a bag of confetti candy from Trader Joe's. This led to our one attempt at Being Fancy.

Alyssa: You know how some houses have little bowls of candy lying around?
Me: :D
Alyssa: :D *pours candy into tiny crystal basin*
Me: :D I feel so fancy!
Alyssa: :D I know!
Me and Alyssa: *squealing*
Alyssa: :D I'll go put this in the living room!
[The living and dining room are the only rooms in the house that are remotely nice-looking. The rest of the house isn't hideous or anything, just very... 'lived-in.']
a few moments later
Alyssa: *returns* Somehow... it doesn't look quite right next to that... Egyptian brown phone thing and the bonsai tree.
Me and Alyssa: *go to living room*
Me and Alyssa: *stare sadly*

And it doesn't.

We were so close.
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Mom: Cat donut.
Me: What?
Mom: I said, "provisional license."

Alyssa: Lermp.
Me: What?
Alyssa: I said, "okay".

Julian: I need... to touch... the dark!
Me: ... what?
Julian: I said, "I need to touch the dark." 

Yeah, that last one was all Julian.
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(I'm going through IM convos, in case you can't tell. I save EVERYTHING.)

Here is another allotment of speshul: we are in the same house, probably one room away from each other, talking on AIM. And then there's the matter of how we talk.

(9:30:51 PM)
: draw your pig
me (9:30:54 PM): get down with your bad self
her (9:30:59 PM): now i see why some people sign on
her (9:31:00 PM): and off
her (9:31:01 PM): and on
her (9:31:02 PM): and off
her (9:31:03 PM): and on
her (9:31:04 PM): and off
her (9:31:05 PM): and on
her (9:31:06 PM): and off
me (9:31:07 PM): UP AND DOWN
her (9:31:07 PM): and on
her (9:31:09 PM): and off
me (9:31:09 PM): UP AND DOWN
her (9:31:09 PM): and on
her (9:31:10 PM): and off
her (9:31:12 PM): and on
her (9:31:13 PM): and off
me (9:31:17 PM): NOW WE'RE GOING
me (9:31:18 PM): UP AND DOWN
her (9:31:21 PM): almost lost my groove thang right there
me (9:31:23 PM): AAAAWN A SUMMER'S DAY

This is how we are ALL THE TIME. Except worse. I'm serious. This was the most easily understandable convo between us, like EVER. *nod*
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We have our 9 yr old cousin from Korea, name of Junsuk, staying with us this summer. He's supposed to be learning English, but, um, he isn't. He's very annoying. Julian is very annoying as well. Yet when they're together, the annoyance is negated and instead they become hilarious.

Junsuk is playing a computer game.
Julian: (screaming in his ear in English) You already *have* it! Press down! PRESS DOWN!
Junsuk: (at the same time in Korean) Why are you so loud? Why are you yelling at me? You think I understand?

Okay, it doesn't look that funny in print, but trust me, IT IS.
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Julian just came downstairs sobbing. There was a fire at his SIM house and one of his people died!!! OMG, it was so sad, he was wracked with grief. Worse than the time his rollercoaster crashed on Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Thankfully he didn't save, but he has to build his house over.

D: Poor Julian.
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First off, play-by-play commentary on The Life Pursuit. Shutup everyone-who-doesn't-care-about-B&S, this is my journal and I'll talk about what I want!! *iz crazy like whoa*

- this album is a Solid Belle & Sebastian. I mean they sound more solid. They are moving toward rock. Stuart M.'s voice has got an edge to it. He really has one of my favoritest voices ever. They're growing, you know, branching out. This album has shoulders! (I have no idea what I mean by that.) How about, if this album was a person he would wear a fedora and have a guitar strapped to his back? Yeah, I've got nothing.
- continuing Stuart M.'s love affair with higher education. Also more references to singing, being in a band, etc.
- "ohhh, if I can make se~ense of it all"
- Another Sunny Day, like Dirty Dream, sounds a billion times better in the album. Well, at least it really clicks for me here. Actually all the songs I heard before I got the CD itself (Dress Up In You, Funny Little Frog, To Be Myself Completely) kick tonz of ass and really work, in a way that they didn't before.
- White Collar Boy: clashy drums! crunchy bass! a little 'hunh'!
- The Blues Are Still Blue = yes. Cool voice. Rock out!
- Dress Up In You: for the last half hour I've had "I am a singer, I am the singer in a band" in a loop in my head. B&S's characters are so fascinating. Makes me want to wag my finger and say, "there's a story there, I know it" because I DO. Halloa, Stuart M., I will box up all the time in the world for you so's you can write a novel and make millions more fall in maddening love with you.
- Sukie in the Graveyard is A WIN. I dig this song so completely. You can really hear Stuart's 2.0 voice here. Shake it down, yo! /lame
- We Are the Sleepyheads: another song I adore and would happily give my first baby for. Sarah really is good at harmonies. Squiggly guitar! I have such love for squiggly guitars.
- Song For Sunshine sounds like something from a whole 'nother band sorta, in a good way. B&S transition from era to era so fluidly. *loves so hard on them*
- Funny Little Frog! Ahh me, a little fire warms my heart with this song. Basssssss. I love the wording of every phrase. And of course, "thro-et."
- To Be Myself Completely: OMG the first Stevie song I've loved hardcore! Not like there's many anyway... Oh Stevie I <3 you tonz and tonz, truly. You should do more songs! Violin! (Unrelated clause.) The violin plays out a B&S song from another era, btw. It's always gonna be them, bitches, so I don't want to hear any whining about how they've changed and why don't they do like IYFS and overproduction ew, blah blah. Imma gonna smack you!
- Act of the Apostle II. I'm afraid I don't quite have a handle on this song, except for the parts that sound more like Act of the Apostle pt 1, in which case I am right there singing "ohhhhh if I could make se~ense of it all!" with it. I like it though, definitely so.
- For the Price of a Cup of Tea: yea! More voice calisthenics from teh Stuart M. I WILL DEFINITELY FOLLOW YOU FOR THE PRICE OF A CUP OF TEA.
- Morningtown Crescent - I have the feeling that I don't like this one very much. I'll eat my words with a mess of yucky condiments later, I'm very sure, but... eh. Soothing I guess?

Conclusion: dear Jesus God and all the fishes in the sea I love it and I love them and yes, yes, it is SO GOOD. They're growing and older and moving up and away and past, in a good way, in a natural, super, amazing, FANTASTIC way.

Warning: the line-break is very necessary.

* This is so weird. I felt like listening to War on War and so I dug out Wilco and put it on, and somehow War on War sounded way better in my head than in reality. It wasn't satisfying! I'm just going to swap it for Tigermilk so I can gush about B&S's first album and their newest one.

* I really like it when people like things. I mean, it makes me happy to see love in motion. Of course this works against me too, because I get insanely hurt when people don't like things I like. But not when it's people I know. I mean, I don't really care that much when people I know don't like the same things I do. I guess because if I would die all the time if I cared that much, since hello? Who around me watches anime or Supernatural or even knows what I'm talking about half the time?

* Hm, but I have a new appreciation for Pot Kettle Black. "Every moment's a little bit later" is my new "it's become so obvious, you are so oblivious". In that I think it's a good line. By now I hope all have caught on that the lights are on but nobody's home.

* If I like the ending of anything, be it movie, short story, fic, book, TV show, whatever, I will totally be unable to say that I dislike it even when I hated everything else up to that point. Like I really liked the ending to Primal Fear, which is really a kinda crap movie, performances by Edward Norton and Richard Gere not withstanding, so I... watch it every time it comes on. There are some fics that have their tiny hooks in my heart because their last lines sqoosh (seriously, is that not the weirdest word ever to see in print?) all the air out of me, on account of them hitting me like a sideways mac truck. The end to Memento. The end to The Wing Stroke by Vladmir Nabokov. I like endings that are like punches, or winding.

* "I've got reservations, 'bout so many things, but not about you." Ahh, my heart, is it not tired of being pushed and exploded and broken?

* I said I was going to listen to Tigermilk but I changed my mind. The Life Pursuit, take 5.

* A lot of what I write has to do with the problems of communication, stillness vs. motion, moving despite knowing there has to be a stop or a barrier or a limit somewhere, the uncontainable quality of life/tiny manifestations of such, overwhelming emotions. Also people blink, stare, look, close their eyes, open their eyes, squint, etc a lot. Just a trend that I've picked up on. I am sooooo cliched.

* Lately I feel like sleeping just cleaves my life into weird oddly-shaped bits of hours and conversations and thoughts. I fall asleep, I wake up and I don't know when I fell asleep or what day it is or what I did that day or what dream I just came from. I fall asleep on the way home from school, I wake up as the car pulls up to my house and for a moment all I know is that I'm in a car and I have to get out. Sometimes I don't even properly recognize that I was even sleeping at all. And I get some WEIRD thoughts while drifting off to sleep. Like once when we were driving to L.A. at night I had this idle thought of WHAT IF THERE IS A HUGE DRAGON IN THE VALLEY RIGHT NOW. And then I thought, maybe he's just flying underneath the freeway. And Wednesday while falling asleep in the car I thought geez it'd be bad if the Male Carpoolee (who was sitting next to me) had a bomb or something. And I actually opened my eyes to check! Okay, now that I wrote it I'm thinking I know why my dreams are so weird. It is because I am weird. o_O

Anyway my point is that every time I wake up I have a moment of: am I awake right now? I never have any idea of how long I slept either. I feel like I get less real every time I sleep. It's like every time I do I die and come back a little faded. There's a mental drift happening these days. I feel like I should be scared but I'm not, and I feel like I should be scared that I'm not but... no, I'm not either. Sleep problems ahoy! Another 15hr sleeping binge is in order, obviously.

* I don't know where all my post-its and index cards with my random quotes and scribbles went. When did we clean out the desk? *thinks hard*

* Smallville is the stupidest show in the world. At least, it's very much up there. It's beyond mocking because it's so embarrassing to watch. And Superman in the comics is such a dick! Observe.

* HAHAHAHA Alyssa just made the best word-smush ever! Harocious, adj, an amalgation of "horrendous" and "atrocious". Example: "The daycare episode of The Suite Life is good, but Maddie's outfit is HAROCIOUS omg I mean....!!"

* Today I will watch Numb3rs. The fact that this show (about mathematicians zomg I have crossed the threshold into True Dorkiness, but it has protective brotheriness, I cannae resist!) is on Fridays has caused me to miss it about five times running now. Fridays are sleep early days! But today is the day. I know it is!

* There is a real problem with me and transmitting all my thoughts in writing. Not even writing, Xanga. This is oversharing right? No one wants to hear about my boring-ass existence. And it is quite pathetic to be constantly talking to myself. >_>
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Um, my carpoolers and I won the Dumb Olympics today. It was very much like how one would go into the bathroom, see people standing in a line,and wait behind them for several minutes before realizing that they're not IN line to use the bathroom, they're just... in formation for no reason. No, wait, even worse! It's EXACTLY like the time one went into the bathroom and saw someone standing in line to actually use the bathroom and waited for several minutes before realizing that we were both under the assumption that the closed door = occupied, instead of = an empty stall whose door happens to be closed. Anyway, yes.

B&S The Life Pursuit was released and... *stares at empty hands* I am pained somewhere deep. Perhaps right here:

I have an unsatisfying life at the moment! OMG I want strawberries. /random
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Julian: *with relish* A cozy willow.
Me: What?
Julian: A cozy willow.
Me: What?
Julian: 'Willow' and 'pillow' rhyme.

Julian: A bell hound.
Us: *no response*
Julian: I said a bell hound.
Us: *no response*
Julian: *comes up reeeeeal close* *loud whispering* BELL HOUND.

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Nothing new but I'm sitting here listening to Bump's Guild with headphones and it's killing me. Bump! Bump!! I love you so much! You're making me cry! Okay, not really, but it does feel like someone is dipping my heart into warm water and easing me into the sea. The song is all sunshine and comfort and saying "it's okay, you'll be okay, we won't let you be not okay" and that sweetly rocking cadence of chiming guitars and hammer sparks playing in the background and it's just TOO MUCH ON A SUNDAY WITH THE VOLUME UP AND HEADPHONES. Bump is going to kill me.

You know it is quite odd how emotional I am about music sometimes. Sailing Day will one day give me a stroke or send me into an epilectic seizure. All of Clarity wipes my brain completely and leaves me feeling really peaceful. Futures makes me cry every time I listen to it, it's embarassing, seriously. Polaris gets me every time. Belle & Sebastian makes me want to move, either dance or find something to hug and rumple. Or maybe not, they change all the time, my reactions. I get too attached, is what.
OMG SAILING DAY IS ON I AM DYING ALL OVER AGAIN. His voice is so close! And so smooth and polished. Sometimes it's physically, tangibly painful for me to hear this song. All the hairs on my arm stand up, my chest is all compressed, etc. I can't stand it, he sounds like he means everything so much, it's devastating. And this song! Galloping, open-hearted, free and eager, with the energy of belief and future and possibility. Adventure! Embrace the world! BUMP!!

I'm actually a little scared to go a Jimmy Eat World or Bump concert because there is a serious chance I will start crying which is just humiliating. I don't worry  too much about B&S, they don't make me quite as emotional though I love them maybe more completely than the other two.

Jimmy Eat World makes me so weird. Listening to it always feels so right, it feels like home, like a sound perfectly suited to my ears. I can't ever remember how it feels like until I'm actually hearing it again, but then I can't think while it's playing. Okay after Sharin no Uta I'll put in Clarity and write as I listen. Yis. This is a Good Idea. (Extended Essay? Huh? What? OMG I am suicidal.)

Oh Sharin no Uta. There's something about you that makes the listener just know you're talking about riding a rickety bicycle down the hill and streets, and that no matter how happy you sound there's something sad going on. "Yakusoku da yo! (It's a promise!)"

Okay Clarity is on. Table for Glasses. That cello. I really love Jim Adkins voice and the layering. "Lead my skeptic sight". I do not understand why Jimmy Eat World is so underrated, even in the internet world. What the eff is up with that? The character of their albums are all so different. Static Prevails has that raw edge to it, roughly emotional. Clarity is about just that, clarity, moments of epiphany through the haze. The self-titled one, I mark up to indulgence or something. It's uneven, yes? It's like a weird regression back to teenage years. Futures is about changing your life, yourself. Taking one step, the difficulty and the weight of crossing a small distance.

"A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me." Someone on pointed out what that meant and that was a huge revelation for me. OMG the lyrics MEAN something?! Yes, 7th-grade stupid, it does. The Jimmy Eat World section on by the way is really really good. People there say smart and enlightening things. "You're not bigger than this, not better, why can't you learn? Why can't I learn?" And the echoes calling back, unfolding out. The drums are great. Your New Aesthetic following. I always forget how well this album fits together. This, Futures, and Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville are the ones I always always always have to listen to in order. I love the pacing in Exile the most because it's so perfect and effortless and confident, it's amazing, but Clarity's songs fit well. Your New Aesthetic is slightly a token angry song but that's undercutting it and I like it lots anyway.

Believe in What You Want: "Don't go bother going through your motions. Nothing that makes sense ever works out."  The next lines show a kind of immaturity: "Don't kid yourself, you know, they want money". It's a little awkward and unsubtle. But I find it endearing. I like that little beepy noise wheeling around in the back. I hate how bands like Taking Back Sunday have taken Jimmy Eat World's sincere yelling and overlapping and bastardized it into whininess. Don't sing loud if you have a crappy voice dickheads. A Sunday: celllllllo and other strings.

Crush! I can see this so clearly in my head. "My lungs are so numb from holding back." Oh, oh. "Simple discourse breaks you clean, simple discourse breaks you clean in half." Jimmy Eat World never forgets that music is meant to be beautiful and have meaning. This song is about pain and impermenance. The way how not being able to say something makes you burst clean. "Like a breath." He sings like his heart is in its throat and has no choice but to connect through it.

12.23.95. Eh. It's not bad but I skip it a lot. It bores me a bit.

Ten: "Blame no one. Blame no one."  This is one of the first songs I felt had a message for me, a message about how to live instead a description or a declaration to someone else. "Would you look in my eyes and blame no one? Our weakness is the same, we need poison, sometimes. So take another drink with me."

Just Watch the Fireworks: "What giving up gives you, and where giving up takes you." Another pinging message. This and For Me This is Heaven were the first songs I have ever cried to, not because they were sad or anything, but because they were so good, and I realized how good music could be. The other one is Polaris, also Jimmy Eat World. I'm so emotional with this band. I don't quite know why. Maybe because I was so young (11?) when I heard them and imprinted. Like birds. o_o "I promised I'd see it back then, I promised I'd see it with you now." I love this song tenderly. Like it's pouring something into me and if someone were ever to open up my rib cage they'd see starscapes and models of the universe. "There's only air and just enough space to breathe it." I love the lyrics. I love everything. "I said, said, said it out loud, over and over... just enough so I can hear you. I stay up as long as it takes..." That long sustained note over the strings and the whispering on the left and the drums going. O God.

For Me This is Heaven: I remember being in seventh grade and snobbishly thinking that the lyrics were awkward. What the fuck did I know? "The first star I see may not be a star. We can't do a thing but wait, so let's wait for one more... And you know, time, such clumsy time. Deciding if it's time. I'm careful but not sure how it goes. You can lose yourself in your courage." "Can you still feel the butterflies? Can you still hear the last good night?" His voice is so beautiful. "I close my eyes and believe that whever you are, angel for me." I love it when people make me believe in sappy shit. And I love the rounding overlapping near the end, under "When the time we have now ends, when the big hand goes 'round again."

Blister: I always associate this with waking up blearily at something-in-the-morning and having to go to the bathroom and not knowing what the hell was playing on my cd player. "Who... what is this? It sounds so familiar."  A better question: "And how long would it take me, to walk across the United States, all alone? The West Coast has been traumatized, and I think I'm the only one still alive". There's a weird end-of-days, apocolyptic feel to this . "When the world caves in, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do for me?" "Don't try and stop me. You can't stop me." I hate to say it but I don't like Tom Linton's songs very much.

Clarity: "I'll take your words as if you were talking to me. Say, what I know you'll say and say it through your teeth." O God. "Now, in the deep and down, your heart moves. Now, in the deep and down, I don't know how but I know I want. out. Wait for something better, maybe that doesn't mean, us. Wait for something better, I shouldn't, it's not enough." And this line always pulls me over the edge and makes me think crazily, but feelingly, that Jimmy Eat World is the best band in the world: "Pull one excuse from another. This time it means, stop."

Goodbye Sky Harbor: I remember waking up again one night and listening to the last twelve minutes of this and just drifting. I don't think I ever gave this song enough credit when I was younger (then again I so rarely did). "You are smaller, getting smaller. But I still see you." I heard somewhere that 16 minutes 14 seconds (how long the song is) was the amount of time to die if you cut your wrists, but I agree with the person who responded that it sounded too morbid for Jimmy Eat World. Apparently that time is specific, and important, though. In any case it's really beautiful.

Damn I was only going to talk about Guild. Hahaha, I'm incapable of doing a short music post. Or a short post in general.
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Julian's friend, Daniel, one year older and infinite years wiser: Pokemon can't talk. Well, actually they can, but they only say their names. Or just part of their names. Except for Caterpie who says *whimper noise here* sometimes and that's not part of his name. Anyways, Pokemon can't talk because they don't have brains.


Julian: I want to be Charmander! (said after being told he couldn't be Pikachu )
Daniel: Hmm, a fire Pokemon. I'm surprised that you don't want to be a powerful Pokemon, like a water Pokemon, like me.


(Note: in case you don't have much experience with little kids, they are Weird.)

Daniel and Julian: Welcome to Cow World! Moo! Welcome to Wee World! Wee! Welcome to Hi World! Hi! Welcome to Trust World!
Alyssa (to self): Did I hear that right...?
Daniel and Julian (to each other): I trust you! I trust you! I trrrust you! (approaches Alyssa) I trust you too!!


At the playground outside JC Penney at the mall:

Random boy #1: How old are you?
Random boy #2: Eight.
Random boy #1: Don't flatter yourself; you only look six.

(ZOMG when I have kids I will raise them to be just like him.)
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This is a typical conversation:

Julian: Hooray for jetplanes! *does a little jetplane dance*
Me and Alyssa: Yay! Hooray!
Julian: Hooray for nothing!
Alyssa: Aw, that's sad. It should be hooray for everything!
Me and Alyssa: Yay!!
Alyssa: Hooray for Julian!
Everyone: Yay!
Me: Hooray for Alyssa!
Everyone: Yay!
Julian: Hooray for Diane!
Everyone: Yay!
Alyssa: Hooray for apples!
Everyone: Yay!
Julian: Hooray for peaches!
Everyone: Yay!
Me: Hooray for pencils!
Everyone: Yay!
Julian: Hooray for cranes!
Everyone: Yay!
<this goes on for a few more minutes in which we cover racecars, cars, trucks, flowers, some more family members, cats, markers, and, for full circle, regular airplanes>
Julian: Hooray for... mosquitoes?
Me: No. No hooray for mosquitoes.
Alyssa: Hooray for everything except for mosquitoes and flies.
Me: And Hitler.
Alyssa: ...
Julian: What about cranes? Hey! HEY! WHAT ABOUT CRANES??!

Everyday, man. We're a family that moves in mysterious ways.

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OMG my mom is crazy. No wonder all her children are freaks.

My sister isn't home right now and so both my brother and my mom have no one to bother but me. They keep bursting into the computer room to talk and poke and sing at me. Plus my mom is trying to convince my brother to dress up as a girl for Halloween. >___< She's totally serious about it too! AUUGHHH.

Just now she and my brother trooped in with a Swiffer mop. She held it over my head and waved it around and they both said, "I'm going to brussshhh yooooouuuu". Then I had to chase them both out.


edit from the future~ @ 2009/6/23
Just facepalming over my "omg BOYS are supposed to dress as BOYS because they are BOYS >___<" logic. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the brink of patting myself on the back for ~always~ being so ~enlightened.~ Haw haw haw. But it's good to have these reminders, that most of the time you have to WORK at being open-minded. And as for that pat on the back: hey, personal growth! You ol' sunuvagun.

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Fly: I am the most despicable creature on the planet! ZZZZZZ.
Mom: *smacks with swatter*
Sister: (observing the fly) It's not dead, Mom; it's just crawling around.
Mom: *smack smack*
Sister: :)
Mom: I'm sorry, fly. But you made a bad choice. If you hadn't come in here you'd still be alive. :(

And Her Plan To Deal With The Fly Problem

Let's cover up all the food in the house with Saran wrap! Then they'll be able to see the food but not eat it, and they'll die from hunger. Starve the flies to death!

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Scene: in the guest room of parents' friend's house. ME, SISTER, and BROTHER sitting on the bed, reading and playing with their own feet (BROTHER).
(as Mother comes in through the door)
Me: Whoa, when did Mom leave the room? One minute she was in the desk chair, the next-- whoosh! coming through the door!
Sister: *nods in agreement*
Me: Like a ghost!
Brother: (butting in, as he is so prone to do) Where's a ghost??
Me: There! In the closet!
Brother: *jumps off the bed immediately, because at 4 years old you must investigate these things ASAP*
Sister: *sotto voce* I thought he was scared of ghosts.
Me: *shrug*
Brother: (from the floor) Auugh!! I fell in! I fell in the hot lava!!
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JJB is annoying me so much right that I could grab him by the ankles and bash him headfirst through the screen door and out the window right this second.



Well, it's not like he'd actually get hurt! If anything he'd probably go sailing over the houses in a beautiful arc, smooth as a nuclear warhead, and land in the world's largest cotton ball. Because that's the kind of boy he is.

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What Happened At DMC Today
// First run all by myself! Naturally it took only 10 minutes more than it should've, because the front desk people didn't tell me that I needed a wheelchair to cart around a bunch of folders. (andigotlostbutonlyalittlebit).
// Spent half an hour with a fellow trainee searching for the ever-elusive medical staff office. *sigh* We were circling around the first floor like Roombas on speed. "'Hallway #3, Right...' I think we're going the wrong way" *reverses direction* (5 minutes later) "No, that's the wrong way" *reverses direction* (5 minutes later). Repeat 6 times, with much nattering about Pharmacies, Endoscopies, and elevators.
// Why Bad Pop Music Is Like A Disease
Me: (minding my own business) Tra la la... walking down the hallway... actually know where I'm going this time... tra...
Latent Evil Inside My Brain That Was Obviously Biding Its Time To Hatch And Infect Me: "and you are... MY FIRE"
Me: x100
LEIMBTWOBITTHAIM: "... I. Wwaanttt ittt thhhhhaaat waaa~y!"
Me: :OOOOO!! *mortified*
LEIMBTWOBITTHAIM: "tell me whyyy! (ain't nuthin' buut a haaaarrrrtburrakeee) tell me whyy! (ain't nevah gunna heeeeere yoo sa--aayy)"
Me: *faintly impressed* I know the words to this song?
This went on for five minutes.
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Alyssa: I wanna type something!! *splatters on keyboard*

Me: *smacking her away* Go away!!


Me: NO! *smack smack*

Alyssa: ;_; But I want to type.

Me: *rummaging with A.D. papers* Well, too bad! Lots of people want lots of things that they can't have. For instance, Dane wants to listen to the Hitchhiker's radio show, but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. So if Dane doesn't get it, then no one should. SUFFER!!!

Alyssa: *typing carefully*

Microsoft Word: "sushi got pwnzed!"

Alyssa: :D


... this is pretty much what happens every other day or so. This is a low-key scuffle, unlike the keyboard-dominance fight we had on Monday, which had wrestling, frozen computers, and many 'over the rate limit' messages from AIM.


Aug. 6th, 2004 12:24 am
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I'm eating these vitamin things that come in the shape of gummy bears and they are so good. They taste like the real thing. Song, you should have some when you get back. That is, if there's still any left!!! ... on account of me eating them all.

I hope it's okay to be eating so much of these... Yesterday I ate 14 and I ate, like, 30 just now. o.o Eh, wutevarr.

Song, a slice of home life to feed your homesicky tummach. Everyone else... avert your eyes; our home life is strange and stupid. But mostly stupid.
Me: <eating vitamin gummy bears> You can't, like, overdose on vitamins, can you? Like, you won't get sick if you eat a whole bunch of them?
Mom: <suspiciously> How many do you have in your hand?
Me: <hides them> Not that many.
Mom: ........ *LUNGE!!*
Me: EEEK!!
<Mom gapes at the fistful of gummy bears>
Mom: How many have you eaten?
Me: ... not that many...
Mom: <spins around and goes to check the bottle> When you eat Vitamin C tablets, it's okay... but these are multivitamins...
Me: <scampers up the stairs> That means I'll be multihealthy!
Mom+Me: ....

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The weirdest thing happened to me this morning. I was not-quite-awake in bed and thinking, "I should pull down the blinds because the sun is annoying me". So in my head I go through the routine of getting up, pulling down the blinds, and while I'm up, closing the door properly and then going back to sleep. But, this being Saturday morning, I'm too sleepy and boneless to move. But the next thing I know, I'm on the ground. So I think, "I must've fallen off the bed or something," and figure if I have to get up, I might as well do all that tiresome blind-pulling and door-shutting. So I get up, but the blinds are already pulled. I must've gotten up, pulled the damn blinds, then just fallen over or something. I guess I also must've gotten me going through the blind-pulling in my head mixed up with the actual event. Huh.


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