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This was probably written when I was twelve and my sister was seven or eight.

To: The Tooth Fairy
From: [Sister] and [Me]

Hello. Sorry I have no business for you anymore, but my little brother is growing a whole mouth of teeth. I expect that you'll have another customer in about five or six years. :D

- [Me]
P.S. Sorry about the handwriting.

Hello! My older sister has no more baby teeth so I let her write to you too. Santa Claus told me sometime last year about talking to The Tooth Fairy Convention. If you're allowed to, please tell me something about it. Thank you! I have to go to sleep soon. Would you also please tell the rest of the tooth fairies that I admire what you all do for children? Thank you very much. I have one last question. Do tooth fairies come from different religions and cultures just like us humans? Well, good by and good night!

- [Sister] (arrow to turn the page)

P.S: Please tell me your name.

P.P.S: Where do have meetings and things like that?

P.P.P.S: How do you know when somebody loses a tooth? Do you fly around the whole world every single night checking every single house?

P.P.P.P.S: Thank you for everything!

P.P.P.P.P.S: This is the last one. I gave you a pencil and paper so you could answer my questions.

I think to some degree my sister already knew ~the truth~ but she was like, IF it's real, THEN I WANT TO KNOW!!! ♥
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I meant to post this like a week ago but uh I didn't. Also I'm trying to do this on my phone lol there's some stuff that's tedious to add so please anticipate a shit ton of vacous edits later~

I liked these things:

Dancing Queen audition

Kang Minkyung (Davichi)
타타타 (Ta Ta Ta) I really like this
사랑 사랑 사랑 (Love Love Love) this was surprising and really so good (w/ the interview at the beginning)

얄미운 사람 (Hateful Person) she is a great performer, whoa. also 'hateful' is not the exact word but it's hard to translate according to my mom lol
새벽비 (Early Rain) when she performs it really feels like she's doing exactly what she was born to do. great great voice, great confidence, great everything
킬리민자로의 표범 (Kilimanjaro Leopard)

Hyorin (Sistar)
edit: 비 내리는 영동교 (Rain on Youngdong Bridge) this is more or less a straight cover, but it's different from both what we've heard from her and what we've seen on the show in general, and she sounds really lovely [edit: my mom said it was the name of a bridge lol]
edit마음이 고와여지 (The Heart Must Be Good Too?) 

I haven't watched IMS2 since Jonghyun left (my attention span is super short and I am biased as fuck) so the only thing I'd watched of the show since then was 2PM's Junsu's Wait a Minute and Sistar's Hyorin's Miniskirt, both of which I liked a lot. I feel like the women really make this show. Also the contestants have really been scaled up. The very first set were are pretty young and were all definitely idols. The batch on the latest episodes have generally been older, soloists, and just a lot more mature and experienced. It's great to watch. (I think the hosts have gotten more annoying though. I hate when they edit cuts of them saying stupid obnoxious shit in the middle of a performance with the laugh track and everything. :|) It's made me realize how fun it is when the competition is really good, like when the skill level is comparable so what really makes a difference is the energy and emotion and creativity.

They really gave up on the 'proving idols can sing' concept, right? Because the idols they do have on are not quite uhhh the logical choices. It's kind of a waste because idols are so controlled and you don't get to see them making a lot of creative decisions. And I think being in a pool with people a lot better can be helpful and inspiring, as long as it's not hopelessly overwhelming.

And um everything is SHINee: omg I'm really nervous for Taemin. The current cast outclasses him, and the majority of all idols, by so much. He's going to look sf hapless just like all the reaction shots they keep putting in of Infinite's Woohyun looking worried and/or dumbfounded all the time lol.

The other thing that's really nice about the show is that you can hear that these older songs are actually very well-written. LOL backhanded compliment~? idk I get headaches when I listen to some of the originals because they just sound sf dated lol and the instrumentals are too loud and it's annoying. But these clean good interpretations are legit refreshing. They're good songs! 

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Nov. 14th, 2011 11:56 pm
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We went to a family friend's house and JJB made them duct tape wallets.

me: Ooh you got a custom order.
JJB: Yes, and it's from an ahjussi, too.
me: LOL
JJB: It's an honor.

JJB: (while making the wallet) It's very honorable to make a custom order for an ahjussi. It's like making one for royalty, it's like getting promoted.
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This took fucking forever. Life has been draining me of life!! I'm so tired all the time, idk. It's hard to get the momentum going for these nothing posts when I could just as well spam twitter but~ I really want to get back into the groove of things.

I don't even remember how to do this! I open this page and I just talk?? What about? What did I do before? I have no memory of anything. wtf did I even have thoughts in the past? Was I even alive??

Okay I'll just free-associate or something. LOL because otherwise I'm so orderly~

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Sep. 5th, 2011 07:07 am
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My sister sent me this convo through facebook. J=my brother, A=my sister, M=mom. Chorong is our cat. My brother is 10 years old btw lol.
There was some talk of Bieber today at the dinner table:
(Background: I was talking about a song "Never Again" and Mom asked if I was talking about the Justin Bieber song to which I said a solid NO)
J: How old is Justin Beaver?
A: It's 'Bieber,' not 'Beaver.'
M: Maybe 18.
A: No! He's younger than me! I know that!
J: Ah, so you can claim age superiority!
A: I can claim ALL superiority! No, just kidding, he sung pretty well before.
M: Yeah, he's talented.
A: But stupid.
J: Like Chorong!

we talk about his hair
J: Why is it weird?
A: It's just weird! It's like a really smooth weird hat.
J: Like a beaver hat?
A: Everyone really likes his hair for some reason.
J: They all have beaver fever! Beaver fever! The temperature is rising! It's gonna blow! kapushskdjflkasjhdfssoundeffects

M: What is that movie called?
A: I don't know - you're the one who watched it.
M: The one about the boy, beaver/bieber [I don't know what she said - keep in mind, it's mommy and we're eating]
A: Wait, about a BEAVER or about BIEBER.
M: BEE_ER. [I still have no clue but it sounded like 'beaver']
A: Beaver? Oh, I thought you meant Bieber. What movie? I don't remember any movie
M: You know, with him singing.
A: The singer or the animal?
J: Do the beavers have beaver fever?
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I had two two-hour long midterms back to back yesterday. Fucking WHY. My mom and brother came down this weekend too so I didn't have much time to study. Well realistically speaking I wouldn't have studied much anyway. Ahh it was so nice to see them. I always miss them as soon as they leave.

One of the members from that new girl group A Pink has the same name as our cat. This amuses me more than it should. Also too amusing to me: putting people's names into songs. I sing T-ara's Like the First Time waaay too much because I like replacing "churum" ("like the") with "Chorong" (our cat's name). Ch-ch-ch-chorong, chorong, chorong~ ch-ch-ch-chorong, chorong, chorong, choro~~~~ng~~~~

There's some people that you just want to spoil and I want to spoil Chorong ROTTEN. He's so soft and cute and kinda dumb and nice. He's getting really big and heavy too. AHHHHHHH so cute, I want to spoil him so badly.

Goal: comment on a fic this week. omg why am I so bad at everything, can't even leave a useless comment on the fucking internet graarrrrr crycat

Must clean up my catacomb of picture folders. Certain folders are fucking ridiculous.
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GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD our dumb cat ran outside this morning when my mom and sister left for work and I didn't catch him until just now. I was searching for him like every twenty minutes, ugh annoying cat!! It was pretty fateful though because as soon as I stepped out of the gate I saw him trotting along the sidewalk and a van passed by and he got scared and ran toward the house. I'm glad; I thought he might have been too dumb to remember where our house was. YOU'RE LUCKY THAT ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, YOU STUPID CAT.


Feb. 17th, 2011 05:43 pm
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I end my at 5 or 6 everyday but lately I've been staying on campus until ~8 to avoid the traffic. The bus ride back on Monday night was legit hell. It usually takes 20 minutes without traffic, 40-50 minutes with. On Monday it took a FUCKING HOUR to get, like, ONE-THIRD of the way. It was hell. I just got off at the Wilshire stop and walked back. It took like half an hour which was, guaranteed, at least an hour sooner than the bus. Good god.

I went to the art party thing which was a mistake. It was all hipstered out with music playing and shit and an art exhibit that was basically someone's tumblr collages. Seriously, it was collages with magazine cutouts pasted on notebook paper. wtf. I'm not saying that's not artistic or creative, but what is the criteria for getting that in an exhibit? There was no free food but I did get a free soda out of it. LOL I was meant to be mingling with my hip social peers and the only social interaction I had was with the middle-aged security guard who told me she liked my shoes and we talked about Payless for like a minute. Whatever, she was nice. Also there was a Subway nearby so after fifteen minutes I said fuck it and went there and bought a foot-long BLT and ate it while waiting for the bus. omnomnom

ALSO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I got like the maximum grade under my incompetent Scottish TA's curve for my soash of crime midterm. The one for which I did like 10% of the reading and stayed up all night via energy drink and went in SO fucking half-assed. LOL JESUS CHRIST. This is why I cannot take school seriously. I fucking KNOW that I knew nothing, and continue to know nothing. BUT I GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE POSSIBLE. WTF WHY CAN THIS EDUCATION SYSTEM NOT DETECT INCOMPETENCY?

JJB has a youtube account (yeah, I know) and he uploads videos of his Beyblades fighting. (Beyblades are like metal...ish spinning tops. You spin them against each other in a plastic bowl ~stadium~ and try to knock the other out. It's very intuitively enjoyable, just fun to watch.) It's so adorable. "A battle between Hasbro's Legend Beyblades. I'm going to start using Windows Movie Maker soon!" AWW. omg I can't believe he's already 10 years old. And this generation is so knowledgeable about the internet. It's strange.

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I'm not looking for any response or anything, I think I just need to write it down. And to let people know. My darling girl. We've had her since August 5, 2000 as a three-month-old kitten. In cat years I think she would be 64. She was like a tiny story tale kitty, all small and white and gray, just very gorgeous and picturesque. She hated everything except food though. And she was loud. Basically a very grumpy and clever air raid siren. She wasn't very uhh affectionate but she put up with us, which I appreciated. I hope she knew that we cared for her. I loved her very much. Thanks for reading this.
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If you're doing a presentation of any kind -- a poster, a card, a power point -- THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO USE TIMES NEW ROMAN. If you need a font with serifs (goddamn his font's got serifs), THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER ONES THAT DON'T LOOK SO CHEAP AND UGLY PAST SIZE 12. And there is no excuse to use Comic Sans ever. This is my opinion, thus it should be law.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday! :D :D :D<33 JJB made her a really cute card. I might scan it later.

Time spent in front of mirror trying to raise just one eyebrow: 20 minutes.

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So J.D. Salinger died yesterday. Hummm so that means 50 years from now, all his unreleased stuff will be... released into the public, right? If I make it to 70, I'm going to be all over that.

I was thinking about Catcher in the Rye the other day, completely before I heard about J.D. Salinger's death. Mostly about how prickly and defensive I was whenever people would be all ~dis suxx lololol~. (To be fair, I interpreted every and all criticism this way. crazy~) I don't know exactly what I would think of it if I read it for the first time today. I read it during my formative years so it's been with me for a long time. Maybe I wouldn't absorb everything so deeply, but I think I would still like it. Is that bad or is that good or is that just how I am? Too much Holden Caulfield, too much cliche; I don't care so much. It's nice to identify with someone, like getting a piece of your heart back in the mail when you didn't even know you had sent it out.

My sister and my mom are so naturally kind and generous. I'm not, I constantly have to FORCE myself to be considerate, and my version of "considerate" only goes so far because, hello, I have ~myself~ to think about!!!!!!! I just don't have the time, okay, I DON'T HAVE TIME. JJB is like me/I project myself onto JJB hardcore. I feel bad because I've been very snappish toward him lately and half the time I yell at him, it's because I want to yell at myself for doing what he's doing and for my inadequacy to stop him from being (what I think is) like me. I always apologize after and tell him not to take it to heart but I shouldn't have snapped in the first place. Emotionally mature, that is just me all over. Anyway same as before, I want to be kinder and better than I am but like my basic nature is kinda shitty so whatever, let's just keep talking about myself!

I really like going to Wal-Mart in the mornings when it's not crowded. Everyone is always really nice and friendly! It makes me feel better about white people the world. I blame this on [ profile] neinstories, that Wal-Mart-loving fucker. By the way, I can't defend my willful blind eye to corporatism and globalization at all. I'm just acknowledging that, nothing else to say.

Also went to the banque and Deposited a Check and Changed My PIN and Made Small Talk. Christ I want a gold star. Though, when I'm talking to people sometimes I get all folksy because that is definitely what you do when you want to make situations less awkward, amirite or amirite. Like I said, "We're getting all KINDS of weather these days" to the bank person who made a comment on the weird fog. Then I spit into a bucket and hitched a wagon into town. All KIIIIINDS OF WEATHER!!

omg I forgot JUST HOW amazing-looking Jude Law is. It's because he had that weird greasy danger period for like two years or whatever. But ohhh his whole ear/neck/jaw region is just VERY COMPELLING (aka hot as fuck) and his eyes and wide mouth and his wtf hairy bod. ALSO I THINK HE IS A WEIRDO. nrrrrghhh fuck youuuuu Jude Law I'm not fourteen anymoooooooooore, you don't get to do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *right click save right click save right click save*

uhrrr yeah sorry my life is so boring and sorry I keep talking about it. I haven't been sleeping well lately which could be solved by GOING TO SLEEP but instead I'm stalking twelve different tumblrs (so useful for shitty pointless endeavors) and now it's 4 AM.
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Also, my cat is the prettiest cat in the entire world.
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I've been listening to U2's Lemon a lot lately. That is a damn good song. I love that piano steppy thing, just so much.

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Bleh, I just fell off the wagon and bit off all my nails. Ooh, baby, tell me more, amirite?

I'm hella obsessed with my hair. I don't know what to do with it, it's never been this long with this texture/haircut before. It's not a gr8 look. And I know it's getting longer but it never looks longer. It's just gradually trailing out and down. My sister said it's like a ~mane. Bafflesome!! And irritating!!
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(to my cousin) There are mouth-eating rollercoasters coming at you and you've been permanently transfigured into a sock. They've surrounded your house and they're going to eat you. You can get worn by some guy and walk out, but the rollercoasters will eat him but you'll be safe. Or you can stay and get eaten and the man will be safe. What do you do? And the man is your brother.

(again to my cousin) You have to sleep in the same bed as everyone in the world with ice cold feet. Your choices are to die and then no one will have ice cold feet anymore, or live. The ice cold feet mean they're crazy.


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