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I started this entry in late September and I'm digging it up now for my incredibly half-assed nablopomo'tion.

Do it anyway!

I want to buy Ben Folds Five's new CD but I have no monies. Indeedly do. 

My cat has been sick since late September and I've been very stressed out. Just marking that in here. 

Quick! Catch all the little foxes before they ruin the vineyard of your love, for the grapevines are all in blossom. - Song of Songs 2:15

It probably means something douchey since it's from the Bible but just on its own, I think it sounds nice lol. Quick! Catch all the little foxes! The vineyard of your loooove!

My desire to make myself proactive and to make myself grow up sends out all these misfired signals. Really I just end up saddling myself with responsibility that I don't need. Like feeling guilty for making a mistake while driving. Or not wanting people to wish happiness for me because I don't want to disappoint them by continuing to be unhappy/failing to be happy. And that's a problem too, thinking of happiness as an end state to achieve. It makes the concept so accessible though. 

I'm ten (if the bathroom scales are wrong) to twenty (if they're right) pounds underweight right now. I look and feel gross a lot. But eating is a chore. I'm tired (because I didn't eat) and basically I ask myself "is basic upkeep worth it?" The answer is no. Also sometimes I feel like things are way too tight-knitted in my head, where everything is connected to something else. So eating entails getting up, thinking about what I want, making a decision, preparing the food, cleaning up. But while I'm "on" I should do other stuff, like get dressed. Wash the dishes. Clean the floor. I should floss, I should exercise, I should write, I should comment, I should check my email, I should call people, I should look more seriously for a job... Like, all those things are so connected, in unstoppable sequence to me. And if I avoid the most basic task - eat - then it's like, how am I ~ever~ meant to get started with everything else? I don't have the energy! Because I haven't eaten! If I can't even feed myself, how am I supposed to do anything else?

idk if this "theory" really makes sense though lol. If there's food in front of me, I'll eat it without problem. It's just that I can't get started on my own. 

re: New Girl. ugh I had a whole thing typed up but I backspaced the page instead of text on accident and I lost it so I don't feel like it anymore. Don't like Jess, not a huge fan of Nick, like everyone else. Also, I really dislike the random racist jokes. (ex: The Lizzie Caplan character, who was a straight character and not meant to be seen as a douche, talking on the phone to her Asian coworker and saying shit about chopsticks and Confucius say? Like literally, she said "Confucius say." What the fuck.)

Onew sucks and his stans are the worst. I legit judge people who really like him. Experience is on my side here. 

so damn sleepy z__z

timber cats

Oct. 6th, 2010 11:47 pm
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To be clear, my soash of mass communications TA is hot too.

I don't understand anything, it's been raining for the past two days even though it was literally 113 degrees on last Monday. Weather forecasts predict it will be back up to 86 on Sunday. What the christ is going on!

I talked to my counselor today. At the end she said that she's glad that I seem to be doing well. Then she told me not to take that the wrong way. LOL she really knows me.  I was thinking about that while I was tromping around in the rain. It is a good feeling to be known. And it's been a while since I've felt that someone outside my established social circle understood me, even fleetingly.

I do not know where my social security card is and I need it to regain my honor, my pride, my crappy library job that's still available because no one wants to work in my department.

I love this idea. The people quoted sound like assholes. What the fuck's got their dander up? "'This kind of thing is bad for literature, bad for Fitzgerald, bad for 'The Great Gatsby' and bad for students who get exposed to this kind of guessing game.'" UGH SHUT THE FUCK UP. This theory makes me want to re-read the book, which is amazing. It's resonating with me! Maybe because I never knew how to answer one of my high school discussion questions about the three(?) black guys Nick and Gatsby see on the train(??), and even when I was fifteen I was uncomfortable with how the discussion of the ~American Dream~ was so detached from race.

I think my cousin is ~straying from his girlfriend, if only emotionally. It's tough, they're in a long-distance relationship (she's in Korea) and he's kind of stressed in his graduate program, but still. I didn't think he was the type to ever cheat. Are all men dogs like that one loud guy on the bus who was on his way to cataract surgery said?!?! This is a moot point, but if a guy ever cheated on me, I would castrate him between two bricks and send him on his way. GAME OVER.

things to watch/catch up with later
Friday Night Lights
Gossip Girl
The O.C.
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
bunch of kdramas: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Lee Seung-gi!! Shin Min-ah!!! omg <3___<3); Dr. Champ; uhh others
Sherlock Holmes (BBC)?
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Words for March: lurching, off center, awake in dreams and asleep in real life. durrrrrrrrrrrr

I watched the first season (series 1) of Skins.
do i need to cut this? whatever )

TV to catch up on: Southland, 30 Rock
TV to check out?: Flash Forward, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, the Katie Cassidy parts of Melrose Place

Speaking of good actresses who got screwed on Supernatural: I recently found out that they killed off Ellen and Jo. WOW GREAT. I think that's so fucking dumb and insulting, both to the characters and to the actresses. Why would you even bring them back if you were going to dick around like that? Jesus fucking christ, now you can't even pretend that they're being cool and happy away from the show's fuckery.

Apropos nothing, I'm on a Trigun kick. Or more accurately, a Wolfwood kick.

There was an ad on Yahoo a couple of days ago for the Office that said "You've waited 9 months *FLASH* to see Jim and Pam's baby." CREEPY AS FUCK

I had an eye appointment yesterday. I always forget how nervous those make me. My eyes are seriously horrible. I hate having to read the smallest letters. Or say which one looks clearer, 1... or 2? Uhhhhh could I see those again? 1... or 2? Uhhhhh about the same??? AUGH. Also I hate that stupid eye puff test they do to check your eye pressure or whatever. On the other hand, I am really good at staring straight ahead while they blind you with the light to check how the contacts are jiving with yr eyeballs. Hell yeah.

So I finally have new contacts, and a new pair of glasses thanks to my mom's hardcore haggling. Actually I didn't want a new pair of glasses as the store was about to close and everyone had to wait for me to pick a pair out so I was all flustered. Plus my mom  cockblocked me from getting a pair like uhhh the ones Taylor Swift wears in the You Belong With Me video so I ended up with these kinda weird ones with orange legs. ORANGE!

It was also the first, and probably will be the only, time in my life that anyone has ever told me that I have long eyelashes. ?? Bewildering comments from strangers are quite bewildering. (Trivia: the best Bewildering Stranger Comment I've ever received was when my mom and I visited the church we used to go to when I was in elementary school and one of the adults told me that even when I was young, I looked like I had a lot of thoughts. Ahahah I didn't even know that was what I hoped I looked like when I sat around being terrified of people but ever since I heard that, when I stand around not talking to anyone I'll think I HOPE I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS AND NOT LIKE I'M A COLD BITCH.)

There's this guy on youtube who has a channel dedicated to his two cats. It's called The Mean Kitty. He looks like SUCH A BRO but he is like the dorkiest, nicest, corniest corny cornball guy ever. He LOOOOVES his cats so much. It is so fucking cute. He has tons of toys and cat trees and like fifty million videos of him messing with his cats and stuff. OMG guys who like cats are complete game over for me. It's a serious weakness. And his cats are freaking ADORABLE. They are such loving BFFs!!! OMG!! They are both really playful and pretty. LOOK:


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The Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh. It's a very reliably funny show. Kaley Cuoco is so great. I'm glad the writers picked up on that and let Penny become more a person than a concept. Though it wouldn't hurt to give her a last name. I am seriously waiting for this. Anyway Penny is the cuuuuutest, and Penny and Sheldon together are also the cutest, and Raj is also the cutest, and WHY is Penny/Leonard happening? They are not the cutest.

I listened to Those Dancing Days' album and was a bit put out by it. I think I was mad at all the songs for not being as good as Hitten is. A lot of the tracks sound helllllla half-assed, with the singer stretching the words over the melody like she didn't ~really know the song but her friends made her go up at the kareoke bar and she's a good sport, she'll sing the song! Yurgh. To be fair, it's really hard to match Hitten in my heart. The next best song to me is Knights in Mountain Fox Jacket which uhh could be an insult.

I recently read a very good fic that resonated quite much with me. I wrote down a couple of notes about the main character (don't get me wrong, I almost never have a damn thought in my head when I read fic/anytime; this was very out of the ordinary) and I felt proud of this extraordinary literary insight of mine. UNTIL I re-read it and realized that I basically wrote about myself. And some very enlightening, flattering things they were too!:
- Ryan finds people who don’t ask much of him b/c he knows he can’t rise to the occasion
- intuitive understanding of self without wanting/knowing/being able to change
Well, yeah. IDK, I was really downhearted once I realized that I wasn't just thinking of Ryan but of myself as well. Actually I don't know about that first bullet point, there are about fifty conditionals I could add to that. For example, it doesn't apply to the people I already know, though I constantly find myself failing to rise to the occasion with them, haw haw haw. It's more like "I want to find people who won't ask more than I'm willing to give because I don't know how to deal with anything beyond that." I was thinking in the context of Cheffy and all others who have tried to have any kind of social relationship with me while I was like "omg dnw, can't deal with this!" An attitude which would be acceptable if I wasn't so chickenshit about having confrontations or like... any direct communication, so I end up just ~submerging and disappearing from contact and I screw them over like that. OH what a great person I am!!!!   

insufferable whining, awesome )
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I think this was a meme a while ago but really I just felt like bitching about stuff no one else bitches about.

1. Pushing Daisies was simultaneously overly precious and kind of cold. Sorry, bright colors and a narrator do not substitute emotions. MAYBE NEXT TIME
2. Licorice, Frito's, jelly beans, Pringles, and Gatorade all taste terrible. Diet Pepsi is disgusting. Soggy cereal tastes good.
3. I HATE OLD PEOPLE. I hope when I go to hell there will be no old people there.
4. The Soup is not funny. Joel McHale seems like a dbag.
5. Glee is fucking terrible. The women are all shrews or the ~good counterpoint, The Supportive Girlfriend/Wife. The teacher is a creepy limp-dicked asshole who should NOT be a protagonist. It's like McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy all over again.
6. ohnotheydidnt has like 1000000000 members; there IS no collective voice.
7. Women are human beings. ZING~
8. This is not unpopular, but neither is it as popular as I want it to be: THE JONAS BROTHERS NEED TO GO AWAY. How the fuck is there a legit fandom for this bullshit??
9. Empire waistlines make EVERYONE look goddamn pregnant or just weird. If this is the look you are going for, fine. If not... WTF LOOK IN A MIRROR YOU LOOK LIKE YOU GOT A BABY ON THE WAY.
10. The guy who plays Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights is SUCH. A. BAD. ACTOR. He is so terrible. And he is ugly. And he sucks. It makes me MAD that people think he is a selling point for the show. NO WTF HE IS NOT!!!!! People are always jizzing their pants over him and it makes no fucking sense omfg.


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:12 pm
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my life = rewatching season one of the OC, thinking vengeful and satisfied thoughts like HAHA SUCK IT MARISSA and FUCK YOU SETH COHEN.


LOL wut? There's a 'reality' tag on the Yahoo! entertainment page.

I'm just going to keep editing this one entry throughout the day. I am SO SICK of myself. God what is wrong with me.

I think SECRET FAVORITE COLORS are endearing. That's not a code phrase or an inside joke or anything, I literally mean when people have a SECRET FAVORITE COLOR. I say that like lots of people have them. I want a story where one of the characters has a secret favorite color. It would be dumb and telling and tellingly dumb and dumbly telling etc.

I had a dream that I overslept for a final and I had to beg the professor to let me take it during her other class's final. Yes, exactly, I love stressing out about fucking finals in my sleep. Thank you, subconscious.

You know what, Glee is fucking obnoxious about its female characters. This idiot pregnancy storyline is pissing me off. What the hell, this is 2010, why is Creeper Teacher's wife a lying shrew (though I like her) and Quinn all "you're a man, you need to provide" and Emma STUPID AS BALLS? Plus, in the hands of a lesser earthly being, Sue would be exactly like the biology teacher from Popular. Because unfeminine women are crazy manly nazis. Thank god for Jane Lynch.
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things I hate: portrayals of high school in the media. WHERE DO THOSE KINDS OF SCHOOLS EXIST???? SERIOUSLY. NO ONE I know has had a high school experience remotely similar to ~TV high school~. It's a big part of why I thought the Glee pilot sucked ass. I understand Popular, that was the 90s, people were still wanking over the high schools of the 80s, whatever. BUT THIS IS 2009! WHAT. I suppose those high schools still exist in the midwest (I blame everything on the midwest. and the south), because most of the ones in California, a) have students whose lives don't revolve around the white kids (haha, I talk so crazy); b) are crowded and tracked as fuck so there's like NO ONE who is "popular" throughout the school; c) are running out of the monies so goddamnit NO ONE HAS THEIR OWN CEILING-TO-FLOOR LOCKER. NOOOO ONNNNNE!

I'm watching moar Glee and thank god it's improved since the pilot. Except for the moments of weird stilted cliched drama in the midst of super campiness that feels like a stale idiotic retread of Popular. That's a lot of adjectives. Does ANYONE still sympathize with this cardboard fucking cutout 'oh woe for popular kids no longer being popular' plot?? It only worked in Gossip Girl because Blair is just that fucking awesome. It feels so fucking small-town and whiny here.

Also I think the teacher is a limp-dicked creeper. I really don't like him. He's SO CREEPY. Ugh badtouch everywhere. And the love triangle plot between him, Emma, and Tanaka is stupid as hell. ALSO, I HATE ALL SECRET/FAKE BABY PLOTS EVER.

On the other hand, hay the music!! Jane Lynch is so fucking fantastic, it's unbelieveable. A ZOOT SUIT. HOLY SHIT. Now that is a woman. I love Noah (SWEEEET CAROLIIIIINE) and I LOVE the Asian guy and the black guy who are always nameless and in the background. THEY ARE ADORABLE. Moarrr screentime and lines and like NAMES for them!! And who doesn't like Rachel? "I want everything too much." Oh man!



Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:16 pm
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LOL I'm watching America's Next Top Model (cycle 11) and starting to get annoyed with some of these people. But it's ANTM! What a useless emotion. Still, I would dearly love to slap some people in the face. (~Elina ~Marjorie ~McKey)
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I saw part of an episode of Bones today and thought it was pretty good, so I'm watching it through very legal means right now. Unf, Deschanels. They have the coolest voices. Hey I wish I had a deep voice, that'd be badass. 

edit: OMG I love Brennan. EDesch is tall and wonderful. Even though Brennan is ridic self-absorbed. Haaaay so am I~ we got something in common~ (edit so it's clear that EDesch is not self-absorbed, the character is. grammurr hurrrrr)

le tele

Nov. 16th, 2008 01:15 am
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- I don't know a single thing about Taylor Swift besides the fact that she's blonde, squinty, and has curly hair, but I'm still on her side about the Jonas Brothers thing and I'm starting to like her. She's just pissed off y'all, whatever, it's understandable. And funny. Okay to be fair, I would be on anyone's side if they were against the Jonas Brothers, and this includes Zefron and Miley Cyrus. Anyone except like. Katy Perry.
- Sooo speaking of which. WHY IS SHE STILL HERE? Seriously, GO AWAY. WHY IS IT OKAY THAT SHE IS STILL HERE?? World, it is NOT okay. IT IS NOT OKAY.
- Lucas Grabeel is darling, I have no problems with Ashley Tisdale except that her hair is really big, Zefron is plastic and utterly devoid of charisma.
- I'm actually very keen on seeing Robert Pattinson act in Twilight. He's so crazily honest (or if not honest, at least COMPLETELY un-PR) about everything, I do bleev what he says about just falling into acting and not knowing what to do. He really is new. I'm kinda excited for the Salvador Dali movie he's in. I think M. Pattinson is genuinely a weird guy, but he's really smart too, and sweet. He seems so super honest to me and by that I don't mean the strict objective truth honest, I just mean that even when he's clearly bullshitting, he's not much for a rehearsed persona and he doesn't have any inclination to pretend to be anyone other than himself. Giggly mumbling hobo charm! I really like him.

Out of the nine episodes that have aired, I've seen three and that's a pretty good amount. I watch all the relevant clips from the other ones (ie anything with Castiel) on youtube. I have zero interest in Sam and Dean anymore. The only thing I'm interested in is Castiel. And Mary if they do another episode with the backstory for some reason. This makes me feel fickle, because I was soooo hella invested by the end of season 2, but seriously season 3 was SO FUCKING AWFUL. It broke all the trust I had with the show. Season 4 is better but a lot of the same fundamental problems keep showing up, mainly all the fuckfaced racist and sexist thinking. Ugh SPN, you're so goddamn stupid.

BUT I watched the preview clipz for the next episode, and I'm really glad they brought Pamela back! She was only in the first episode for like five minutes but she was so memorable, just because she was genuinely fun and competent and had a substantive reason to be in the show. (You might take these kinds of things for granted in a show that's not Supernatural, Home of Interchangeable Female Characters.) The actress is so great too.

Also (of course of course) Misha Collins is a really good actor. Or at least he's just fucking PERFECT at playing Castiel, because that role is like a tightrope; he could fuck up so many times in so many ways, but he's just SO GOOD.

The Daily Show & fronds
For serious, Jon Stewart is so eloquent. You can really see this in the interviews where he argues with the interviewee. He's so fast, he's like on all the time. JON STEWART, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE ON TV. I'm a little, little sad about how the Daily Show and company have been mainstreamed, not in content but in audience and the larger media's perception of the show. Like the audience being so loud to boo etc, and Entertainment Weekly (lol so prestigious~) calling JStew a talking head. :( I guess technically he is, but I think TDS is subversive in relation to all the connotations "talking head" implies so... :(. Okay that sentence made no sense.
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LOL I love ontd and Arrested Development fans, it's a critical mass of awesome. Every comment in that post is like the inside of my heart. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER EITHER, FIRST COMMENT!! PLEASE BE TRUE

I know that it's 5 AM , I can spend an hour laughing at every other sentence I read on ontd if I want. IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE A 10 PAGE PAPER DUE OR ANYTHING.
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On Friday I looked like a drunk elementary school teacher hipster. I think that is the worst possible thing to be.

Super Adorable ILB Guy is so so so adorable, I love him. I just really do, he's so sweet and tiny and soft-spoken. He seems like he would the best friend. It always makes me happy when he's around. That sounds creepy and weird, and it is kind of creepy and weird, but I'm not like... covetous about it. Terrible word choice! I just mean that I'm not all OMG I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND SUPER ADORABLE ILB GUY or I WANT TO STARE AT YOU WITHOUT INTERRUPTION (omg what) or whatever, I just love him! It's like a fountain or something. It's just nice to know that Super Adorbale ILB Guy is there.

I am the most awkward person in the whole world. I'm so abrupt and stuttery and incoherent. The majority of everyone must think I'm a total weirdo with my reflecty glasses and stupid voice and dumb dull things to say. Talking is so hard!! It's so easy for most other people, but I get so nervous.

Alsoooo I'm really boring in general.

I'm watching Constantine. This movie is so great looking. I love the color and the imagery is fantastic. Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weiz help a lot too. And Tilda Swinton is so extraordinary. Visual delights!! Man it's just great looking. It's so grimly elegant. I really really love the style.

Let us have a short paragraph about Keanu Reeves: I am very fond of Keanu Reeves! He seems like a nice guy. Everyone is so hard on him. And no, he is not the greatest at... delivering lines. Or conveying emotion. Or um a lot of things. But he isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be! I like that he's a very quiet actor. No scenery chewing! Not aggressively bad! He doesn't have a lot of presence, to me, but he is magnetic. He's a good physical actor, I think. He's convincing and ~striking~.

Wow, I really really love the style. It's so gorgeously made. I am usually always vaguely annoyed by CGI demons and landscapes and whatnot but it's really well-done here. Oh man. But ugh, Shia LaBoeuf.

Now I'm watching the encore presentation because I realized I had absolutely no fucking idea what the plot was. Seriously, no clue. The wiki page's "differences between the comics and the movie" section makes the comics sound so much more badass than the movie. Whatever, the movie deals in imagery to me and mannnn it's so good looking.

Roomie: Cockroaches usually go toward... what? Nuclear waste, I thought?

Collapsing two days of posts into one because I feel super spammy.

Caught the end of Panic Room. Kristen Stewart is really good in that movie. She's got an interesting pointed little face.

Unfavorable Mad Men opinions:
- I don't like the opening. Mostly the song but the visuals don't do much for me either. I acknowledge the technical class though.
- I like Betty's empowering story arc thing but I'm iffy on whether I think January Jones is like a passable actress. At the beginning I thought she was super terrible but now I think she's only selectively terrible? It's mostly the way she delivers her lines.
- I hate when Good Shows really drop the ball when it comes to children. The way the Draper kids are written is fucking terrible. I mean, REALLY terrible. It's kind of insulting. They're like the worst kind of plot devicey robot clones, full of From-the-Mouths-of-Babes Significant Insights. Those scenes are painful to watch. Just rrrrgh.

Favorable Mad Men opinions:
- Joan is the most interesting part of the show to me. That last episode broke my heart, but so far it doesn't seem like they're picking up on that? Did they shoot this out of order or something? JOAN. ;___;
- I liked the original Mrs. Draper a lot, from the last episode.
- Peggy is also a fantastic character. Elizabeth Moss is so good. Peggy has a new haircut and a new office! I also like the weird friendship thing she has with Pete. OH SHIT this scene! Holy shit, this scene! Oh my god Elizabeth Moss is amazing. Vincent Kartheiser (sp?) is really good too. Oh man I forgot what I was going to say. This scene scrambled my brain.

I think I should like Mad Men more than I do but eh not so much. I'm supremely uninterested in the ads and the clients and the merger and whatever.
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Ahahh I like the way today's LJ Writer's Block question was written:

Oscar Wilde
, a dandy’s dandy, once said that “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” What unnecessary possession can you not live without?

A dandy's dandy! That is both straight-up and downright delightful. An unnecessary possession I cannot live without is a necessary possession, my dear frond. *obtuse* 

I'm so tired. I'm tired of my dreams too, they're all so weird and long and exhausting or they just make me sad. Do not want, subconscious, please leave me alone.

I think the perfect song for the disco (by disco I mean bden in any capacity) to cover is BEN FOLDS FIVE'S PHILOSOPHY. Hell to the fuck yes. Oh my god, it would be so perfect the universe would have to do something quite full of dread to balance it out, like destroy a fambly of rainbows, or continue to be the way it normally is. The piano! The crazy breakdown near the end! "Go ahead, you can laugh all you want -- but I got my philosophy~" Oh man.

In an effort to stop spamming the holy cats out of you guys (your holy cats are very important to keep) I'm truncating three four five posts into one. Pls be impressed by my use of the word "trunc8."

now we come to drag days
Today at 5:32pm

It is fucking freezing in the library. I hate doing Voyager when it's this cold, my hands get frostbite and fall off into oblivion. Now I'm waiting to do email and then I'll be done wif work and I can clock out and walk the tedious walk back, oh happy day! oh joy of joys! I have a cut on the heel of one foot and a fucked-up toe on the other. :[

Guided By Voices is fucking amazing. Bee Thousand is supposed to be their magnum opus, and justifiably so, but I really really really love Under the Bushes, Under the Stars.

I'm so tireddd. The blood in my eyes are shot! I want to turn the world sideways so I can rappel down campus instead of all that tiresome walking. Goddamn it's cold here.

Tock to me of some things, fronds.

Even now when I see "Biden" for a split second I read it as bdennnnnnnnnnn. Biiiiiiidennnnnnnn.

I'm feeling so jittery right now. I feel like I'm about to jitter out of my skin. !!

I lost my UCLA ID card on Tuesday and I only noticed today. I liked my ID picture. I'm kinda bummed.

Shiina Ringo sings the living fuck out of the Heisai Fuzoku version of Gamble. It's pretty gottamn amazing.

For seriously -- in fact, for all the seriouslies in the world, Guided By Voices is incredible.


I'm watching the Saturday Night Live special thing? I'm not sure what it is, it just came on after the office and hay whatever. So far it's not that bad! Either SNL is improving suddenly or I'm getting used to it. The Weekend Update is pretty fun. They're all stumbling over words and whatever, you can tell that they're feeling punchy. (Oh my god I just looked "punchy" up and it totally doesn't mean what I thought it meant!! D:) Republicans are always easy targets but even still I like how balls out SNL is for Obama. Am I reading the situation right when I say it feels like there is a palpable white-knuckled desperation emerging now? I kinda felt that way walking around campus with all the signs and tables and things. I saw a girl holding a huge picket sign from far away and I was all ugh it's going to be one of those 'REPENT! THE END IS NIGH' people and it turned out it was telling all the losers who weren't registered to git registered. (How do I know if I'm registered guise?? ;__; I think I fucked up my form. *so incompetent, should not be allowed outside*) What to do if McCain wins omg. There's only 19 days left!

It turns out, the more one realizes that one has really no idea how to make food for oneself, the more primal one becomes while watching the Food Network. I'm watching Ace of Cakes and I'm SO HUNGRY. I want to attack everyone and suck out their brains or whatever part of them is made of knowledge of deliciosity and live there and bake myself into a cake and eat my way out and do that every day of my natural life. Okay I don't really want to attack anyone since I sincerely love everyone, so so hard. That is seriously the best job in the world, along with working at Pixar and probably something else. Maybe. But everything else is true. OMG Ace of Cakes DVD. OMG they're looking at real estate in Los Angeles. OMGGGGG. But I don't get it? Are they thinking about moving? I thought they lurved Baltimore? Why are they thinking about uprooting everything to come live in fucking Los Angeles?? Don't do it Duff, it's not good times.

I just want to tell you that a couple of days ago I went to sleep at about 11 (because I had to get up way early the next morning), empty room, and at about 12:30 I was woken up by... what? What do you think it was? It was roomie, frying up a shitstorm. Who the fuck fries 50 lbs of firecrackers or whatever she was frying at 12:30 at night?? It was so loud. She's dumb as hell, that roomie. Also keeps turning on lights near my head. Ugh.

This Resolve commercial is so blatantly skeevy. Hella breeding discontentment.

I'm still so tired but I'm not sleeping! Mostly because I'm obsessed with organizing my music. I know how to prioritize.

I just made myself LOL imagining the disco covering Friday Bridge's Love and Nostalgia (read: imagining bden singing anything Ms. Friday Bridge has sung). Then I made myself sick with hunger imagining B&S covering it. That is not saying so very much; I want B&S to cover every song in the world because I think EVERYTHING is more interesting when Stuart's singing it. Stuuuuuuuuarrrrrt. *___*
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I was going to go see Ballast, which is showing for free at Melnitz and has great reviews and seems like it has a tone I'd like (METAPHORICAL WINTERS IN LITERAL WINTERS LOLOLOL omg I'm dumb), plus the director is showing up for a q&a after which is pretty cool, but I'm tired. AND ALSO I SMASHED MY FUCKING TOENAIL WITH THE KITCHEN CHAIR. WHAT THE FUCK!! WHY THE HELL ARE THE KITCHEN CHAIRS SO DESTRUCTIVE?? ALL I DID WAS ACCIDENTALLY BANG MY TOE AGAINST IT AND NOW IT'S CRACKED AND IT BLED. It still feels weird when I put weight on it, ie STAND, so I'm thinking that walking back and forth to campus is not a good idea. Listen, one of my hardcore physical DO NOT WANTS is a fucking nail falling off. That concept just freaks me out so badly. I'm praying and preying that it's not going to happen.

I'm watching an episode of What Not to Wear. This girl is so cute. I can't even believe it. She wears a lot of fleece sweaters and yoga pants which is le horreur I guess, but she looks SO CUTE. I love fleece. She is so cute and comfy! OMG she's so cute. I'm just going to keep repeating this. Redheads! *___* Ew they're recommending skinny jeans. Holy what?? Lord skinny jeans. I really don't like the "talking about person while watching them from TV screen" segments. 

She runs her own real estate agency and the big thing they're pushing is like zomg you need to look polished and confident so people will think you know what you're talking about. I don't know about that. I think I'm just biased to think that the more "polished" you look as a real estate agent, the more likely you'll be a douchebag. OMG I hate what they did to her hair. Oh seriously hate. She looks like a mannequin. And Kirsten Dunst.

I was so tired this morning. I wanted to detach my head and carry it around like a suitcase instead of holding it up on top of my neck all day. Tired!
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I'm watching that wedding dress show on TLC (it's called Say Yes to the Dress but I think that title has the dumb so I'm calling it that wedding dress show on TLC) and it's making me want to get married. I started watching because they had Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8 on there shopping for a dress for her re-new...ment ceremony (wot is the term). I don't care, I love her. And she is super pretty. On the same episode they had this girl with a douchey fiancee who hella judged every dress she came out with, even if she liked it. edit: Ew it's rerunning right now and I watched the parts that I missed. Douchey fiancee is also controlling! He picks out her clothes and goes shopping with her. Okay that kind of thing isn't in and of itself creepy but he's all "there's no way you're wearing that" and "that's too tight" when it's actually just fitted and ugh gross and controlling. /ende edit

And then for like 3 minutes they had this really sweet woman (who looked a little like Jane Krakowski /irrelevant fact) who was finally getting married to her boyfrond of 32 years. They were just never ready to do it at the same time but then recently her parents died and her boyfrond (is it better to say partner? boyfrond doesn't seem like the right word if it's been 32 years) was so wonderful and amazing for her, and he took her to Paris to propose. They should've given her more than like 3 minutes.

I would be a hella frustrating customer though. I am so indecisive and inarticulate. ZOMMMG. OMG whatever, I want to get married so I can frustrate the hell out of nice competent people and go wedding dress shopping. *o*

One of the girls brought that girl from What Not to Wear tagging along as a consultant. IDK you guys, they probably know what they're talking about but I think they're really bitchy and it's more mean/judgmental/grating than it is fun. I haven't seen a full episode though. Soooghhh.

Songs I Hate in Albums I Like

Panic at the Disco - She Had the World (Pretty. Odd.)
Guided by Voices - Awful Bliss (Bee Thousand)
Belle & Sebastian - Beyond the Sunrise (Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant)

Uhh I can't think of anything else. I just started this list because I accidentally listened to part of She Had the World today and god I HATE THAT SONG. It makes me so itchy. I'm backing up all my disco stuff to mediafire right now so I can delete that song out of my existence. UGHHH.

Covers I Want

Stuart singing anything goddamnit
bden singing anything a girl has originally sung; something Ben Folds zomg

sound off

Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:01 pm
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LJ's "Writer's Block" question of the day:

It’s the Day of German Unity, marking the 1990 reunification of East and West Germany. In our current period of global instability, do you ever feel nostalgic for the seeming simplicity of the Cold War?

What the jesus is this bullshit? It's like something that would be on the Yahoo front page.

My Friday night while roomie (need a codename) goes off to a party with her boyfriend: sitting at my desk wearing a srsly giant red pizza t-shirt, rewatching s1 of Dexter on my laptop and peeling off the silver foil on gum wrappers and pasting them on an index card. I am board.

That's my cue to talk about my cerebral thoughts on Dexter. Geez this show is good. The opening sequence is one of the best ever on television, super brilliant. This show is so effortlessly engaging, and not in the way most serial killer media is (sick morbid interest). It's genuinely fun to watch. I love Rita; Julie Benz is so good. Michael C. Hall goes without saying. Deb is awesome. SUDDEN DOWNTURN: Doakes is like a textbook example of a good character ruined by a TERRIBLE ACTOR. That guy plays him like a fucking cartoon commercial, what the fuck is all that ridiculous posturing? It is so over the top, it can't be attributed to the character. It's the fucking actor. I HATE HIM.

A conversation I had with my mom today:
Mom: I met [person at church] the other day and she complimented you!
Me: What? I don't know who that person is.
Mom: She said she met you once when she was working at a church event and you offered to help her.
Me: That doesn't sound like something I would do.
LOL it really doesn't. Sorry, person at church, you got it all wrong.

I was pulling in the library (it's just kinda shelving in reverse, no matter how euphemismy it sounds) the other day and I saw a book called Circles Move In and I thought, "oh that's kind of clever, I like that kind of thing actually, because you can automatically finish that in your head as 'circles move in circles', and that's both a neat image and a neat wordplay thing. And since the phrasing is ambiguous, you can also read it as circles closing in on something or someone blahrrrrmaglelkewjr;ls", I went on this whole thing in my head. But it turned out that the book was actually called The Circles I Move In. What a cockblock. Anyway I wrote that all out because I want you to waste your life.

I'm thinking about being more adventurous in my clothes. Well 'adventurous' in that I'm thinking about wearing skirts in public and stuff. It would be a sizable difference for me though. Pretty scary stuff.
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Fuck the haters, Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is amazing and I bleev in them and I LOVE EVERYONE. Why do people have to be so fucking judgemental and wanky all the time? What are they even complaining about?? Whatever they're doing is obviously working out really well since uhhh does that look like an unhealthy family to anyone? Anyone at all?? Everyone in that family clearly loves each a lot and Jon & Kate are obviously always thinking and concerned about their kids and the whole bunch seem like fine and gr8 and awesome people so goddamn stfu. The only thing I worry about is the celebrity aspect when the kids grow up (for example the fact that there are complete strangers like me ~worrying~ about their family in the first place :d ) but I'm thinking that they would've always been like famous in their town anyway and I bleeeeev in Jon & Kate, and in the kids themselves, to be well-adjusted and understand how shit goes down. SO WHATEVER.


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