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My sister just pointed out that maybe Jonghyun should be romanized as Jonghyeon, just like in those old posts from when SHINee first debuted and no one knew the official English spelling!! noooooooooooooo!!! It's because his name has ㅕ in it (종현), like Taeyeon (태연) and Hyoyeon (효연). If it were Jonghyun with the "u", it would be ㅜ/ㅠ ("oo") like in Yunho (윤호)?? So, like... Jonghyoon (종휸)? LOL ;~; Maybe the rule is different when there's a consonant (ㅇ doesn't really count; it's like an empty placeholder sound), because Seohyun (서현) and like, ramyun (라면) are also spelled with "u" ("hyun"/"myun"). Plus sometimes ㅜ/ㅠ will be written as "oo" instead of "u" like in Yoona (윤아) even though I guess it should technically be Yun-ah? (As a sidenote, 'Kim Yuna' should seriously be spelled Yeon-ah (연아).) But Onew (온유) isn't spelled Onyu or Onyoo. omg romanization rules are so confusing. Maybe for names, they just go by aesthetics. That seems to be the most logical answer, lol.

Okay while I have the language bar set to Korean~ girl!Onew's name is not really Eunsook (은숙), it should be Onsook (온숙) because they kept the first part of all their first names, or a close approximation in Key's case. Similarly, Junghee (정희) should be Jonghee (종희). The other three names are correct though. (~quick proof of the Korean spelling~)

Now I'm googling Korean romanization rules. Such wonders and progress I make in my life! ?__?

boom pow

Sep. 29th, 2011 10:20 pm
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jesus why am I so tired?
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Missing: one sock.

I'm going crazy. I talked to myself SO MUCH yesterday. I seriously did not mean to; I was just saying things as I thought them. It was mostly "what the fuck is going on? I'm confused" statements, and no one was around me.

There was something else that occurred to me while I was in discussion but I forgot, tee hee.  

Also I read more ontd than my interests should dictate, as in I will click cuts about things I absolutely do not care about just to read the comments or... something. 

I think it's because I've been having to wake up at 8 and 9 everyday ('cept weekends) bicuz of my classes, and my system is so not used to it. It keeps crashing. I keep staying up to *mumble* all the time. 

I just had my 9 to 10:30 class, I have class at 1 - 2, 2 - 3, then 4 - 5, then my major workshop from 5 - 6:30. I WOKE UP AT 7:30 TODAY. 

Ira Glass sometimes says bizarre things. 

I might be going home on Friday for the weekend, but 'm not sure.  

My mamma's 50th birthday is on October 27th. I'm pretty sure I'm going up there. I want her to have a big ol' thing, but am unsure of how to go about planning one. I want to reserve a big room in a Korean restaurant and have a kareoke machine!! I think I'll call my uncle and aunt to ask how to go about doing that. It depends if we're going to stay home then or go to my cousin's house (in Mtnview, so in proximity to actual Korean restaurants.) It's very gauche to make my mom plan for it. I suppose I should consult my dad as well. I'm not sure what to do about her present either! I will make her an elaborate card, I think. That's about the extent of my capabilities.

Frosted Flakes with soy milk is so fucking good. I hate the dining halls' bowls, I can't drink the milk wif them. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME.

Why am I here? Where the fuck is my life going? How am I going to be successful? The money is such a waste


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