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Graduation today! Writing a lj/dw post was on my "to do" list before the ceremony to help get closure. Very mix of emotions. Many thin feelings that cannot be caught. 

  • Guilt because I feel like I don't really deserve it? I didn't put much effort into it, refused to really commit, and I fucked up my comprehensive exam. 
  • Wondering whether I should have told my dad: that ship has sailed anyway. So now wondering if I should tell my dad. I won't, but I'm still wondering lol.
  • Sadness because it's another chapter closing. Unless something goes terribly wrong in my life, this was my last year of school and my last chance to become a good student. Wasted potential. 
But I did finish, and the program helped me open up a lot. I definitely became more comfortable talking during the last three years. Someone even nominated me to be one of the two student speakers at this ceremony, LOL. I did not respond to the nomination, but it was kind of nice. 

I don't know. I feel like I've lost the ability to trace or evaluate my thought processes. And, like many many people across the globe to-day, I feel overwhelming and suffocating anxiety about the Times We Live In. How do "we" communicate and enact and protect our values? Stuff (SOCIETY! CIVILIZATION!!) only works if there is a common understanding, a consensus, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT. You can't stop to let a car through if the other lane doesn't stop, either. hashtag chronic stress, hashtag late stage capitalism, hashtag why. Like... how do we function and live IN the world when so many people just have no interest in ever ever ever listening? Like people whose reality is built ONLY around responding to their own deep festering hurt, and won't incorporate logic or compassion because it doesn't serve their... principles? idk what the word is. I'm not really asking "what's the ~point~ of empathy" but like... where will it take us, on a global scale? Where does it all go, when the Dark Heart of Humanity just gets deeper and darker? I believe that it all matters, that we have to shape our immediate reality by our day-to-day behaviors, but I also believe that humanity is doing too little, too late and we're actively setting ourselves back from even that minimal amount. 

Good lord, how is this post supposed to help me get ~mindful~ closure???

I put my hand against my neck, my thumb on my throat, and I think about how hard it is to reach myself. Let alone another person. A totally distinct, disparate human being! It doesn't feel alienating though; I feel humbled. I want to make whole other post about IU's Twenty-three and Palette, but for now, the part of Palette that touches me the most is "But still - I was pretty when I sang Good Day,"  saying it like "I saw that I was, wasn't I?" and her singing G-Dragon's rap during her live performances. "Jieun-ah." I've just always like that concept, of being able to stretch your hand through the hazy ~veil~ of time to your previous self and be able to see that you were just so young, and you needed love and support, and you deserved it then and you deserve it now. How to step outside yourself and see that you are just a person, who has fundamental worth, and aren't you somehow wonderful for even being able to recognize that? Doesn't it feel good to use your heart for yourself? There is something really tender about it.

idk, I still feel a lot of shame and derision about old memories, and each time they pop up in my head (which is pretty often, because of anxiety and school and social incompetence), I just feel like running a sword straight through past!me. Seeing all the stuff that's obvious to me now but was totally unknown and inaccessible to me then. Time is like running water that softens the sting of the really embarrassing stuff. Nothing changes the ~past~ but perspective, and it's not like your past mistakes get better, but you're just able to embrace yourself. Like sticking yourself with metaphorical blades doesn't serve a purpose for you anymore - it doesn't obliterate what actually happened, who you actually were then. And the pain you cause yourself stops becoming a virtue, and is instead just itself. "Be who you needed when you were younger" + "As adults, we try to develop the traits that would have saved our parents." 

Ugh now it's 4:00pm and I have to go to rehearsa! I didn't get to what I wanted in this post. I wanted to feel restful at the end of it lol. Oh well, what the hell. 

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My sister just pointed out that maybe Jonghyun should be romanized as Jonghyeon, just like in those old posts from when SHINee first debuted and no one knew the official English spelling!! noooooooooooooo!!! It's because his name has ㅕ in it (종현), like Taeyeon (태연) and Hyoyeon (효연). If it were Jonghyun with the "u", it would be ㅜ/ㅠ ("oo") like in Yunho (윤호)?? So, like... Jonghyoon (종휸)? LOL ;~; Maybe the rule is different when there's a consonant (ㅇ doesn't really count; it's like an empty placeholder sound), because Seohyun (서현) and like, ramyun (라면) are also spelled with "u" ("hyun"/"myun"). Plus sometimes ㅜ/ㅠ will be written as "oo" instead of "u" like in Yoona (윤아) even though I guess it should technically be Yun-ah? (As a sidenote, 'Kim Yuna' should seriously be spelled Yeon-ah (연아).) But Onew (온유) isn't spelled Onyu or Onyoo. omg romanization rules are so confusing. Maybe for names, they just go by aesthetics. That seems to be the most logical answer, lol.

Okay while I have the language bar set to Korean~ girl!Onew's name is not really Eunsook (은숙), it should be Onsook (온숙) because they kept the first part of all their first names, or a close approximation in Key's case. Similarly, Junghee (정희) should be Jonghee (종희). The other three names are correct though. (~quick proof of the Korean spelling~)

Now I'm googling Korean romanization rules. Such wonders and progress I make in my life! ?__?

boom pow

Sep. 29th, 2011 10:20 pm
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jesus why am I so tired?
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Missing: one sock.

I'm going crazy. I talked to myself SO MUCH yesterday. I seriously did not mean to; I was just saying things as I thought them. It was mostly "what the fuck is going on? I'm confused" statements, and no one was around me.

There was something else that occurred to me while I was in discussion but I forgot, tee hee.  

Also I read more ontd than my interests should dictate, as in I will click cuts about things I absolutely do not care about just to read the comments or... something. 

I think it's because I've been having to wake up at 8 and 9 everyday ('cept weekends) bicuz of my classes, and my system is so not used to it. It keeps crashing. I keep staying up to *mumble* all the time. 

I just had my 9 to 10:30 class, I have class at 1 - 2, 2 - 3, then 4 - 5, then my major workshop from 5 - 6:30. I WOKE UP AT 7:30 TODAY. 

Ira Glass sometimes says bizarre things. 

I might be going home on Friday for the weekend, but 'm not sure.  

My mamma's 50th birthday is on October 27th. I'm pretty sure I'm going up there. I want her to have a big ol' thing, but am unsure of how to go about planning one. I want to reserve a big room in a Korean restaurant and have a kareoke machine!! I think I'll call my uncle and aunt to ask how to go about doing that. It depends if we're going to stay home then or go to my cousin's house (in Mtnview, so in proximity to actual Korean restaurants.) It's very gauche to make my mom plan for it. I suppose I should consult my dad as well. I'm not sure what to do about her present either! I will make her an elaborate card, I think. That's about the extent of my capabilities.

Frosted Flakes with soy milk is so fucking good. I hate the dining halls' bowls, I can't drink the milk wif them. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME.

Why am I here? Where the fuck is my life going? How am I going to be successful? The money is such a waste


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